You Are A Being of Light. You Are A Being Of Art

It is often difficult to see ourselves as we truly are. There is no mirror that reflects the whole of our being.

We do not see that like a painting we consist of light, and color, and line, and movement.
We don’t notice that we contain the solidity and volume, planes and curves of the finest sculpture ever wrested from marble. We cannot always see the poetry in our words, the song in our voice, or the dance in our movement.

Sometimes we have to trust that we are one of the artworks of the creator, just like the painted clouds at sunset or the explosions of wildflowers, the chiseled mountains, or the sleek lines of a panther.

What Do We Believe?

ChurchOf.Art believes that each of us is a unique work of art. And that the making and sharing of art is an act of worship. ChurchOf.Art does not promote belief in any specific deity/ deities or indeed any deity/deities at all. The only requisite belief for membership in ChurchOf.Art is a belief in the transformative power of art.

Church of art is a self-defining entity and as such transcends labels.
Like Marcel Duchamp left the definition of art to the artist, ChurchOf.Art leaves the definition of worship to the communicant.

com·​mu·​ni·​cant | \ kə-ˈmyü-ni-kənt |
Definition of communicant
1: one that communicates.

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