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Barbie With Donut, Lightpainting

For centuries, society and popular culture have applied many a colorful appellation or euphemism to female genitalia. Many of these terms have been food-based —cookie, cupcake, honeypot spring quickly to mind. These nicknames can often be insulting and dismissive. This is one of a series of images, created by using light painting, a long exposure technique where all the effects are straight out of the camera, doubles down on the dehumanizing core of these labels by combining these euphemistic foodstuffs with a My Size Barbie. Barbie has been posed with strategically-placed foods whose names are often synonyms for vaginas. Despite the best efforts of the toys creators, Barbie comes laden with a mantle of negative symbolism. Plastic, vacuous, vain, and focused on rampant consumerism, Barbie is simultaneously a representation of an unobtainable feminine physique and the epitome of values modern women abhor.